Mirror, Mirror

November 20, 2012

I’m constantly on the hunt for awesome frames or mirrors at the thrift store (mainly here), but rarely successful.  Recently, I found one just up my alley:

Well, except for the gilt (faux gilt?) finish.

Ran out of spray paint primer, but I think I got enough covered.

And, done.  I probably (no, definitely) would have picked a different color but I had decided to adopt the “use what you have” approach for this paint job.  Here were my choices:

Now, on to tackle that blah blah blank wall you see reflected in the mirror.  Yes, that’s a microscopic cross hung on an existing nail in a random spot on the wall.  Why?  I have no idea how these things happen and we’re too lazy to take it down.


September 26, 2012

Not real ones, of course, but these adorable bookends I found in my grandparents’ cavernous basement.  I know decorating with owls is passe now, but I figure it’s okay since they’re antiques.  And I don’t really have an up-to-date house, anyways.




Would You Like Coffee With That?

June 29, 2012

Something Aaron loves/fears/tolerates about me is my obsession with free stuff.  If it looks even 45% functional and it has been left on the curb, you better know I’m going to try and justify taking it home.  I’ve got big plans.

So, when I spotted this little number on a walk in the late fall, I circled it like a vulture eying its prey, determining the best angle at which to land and devour.  Or, to take away the analogy, I walked up and down the block a few times working up the courage to examine it closely.  Then I bolted home with my double stroller (yeah, that’s right, I push 65+ pounds of pure boy on a near-daily basis), heaved the children in their carseats and the stroller on the porch, and drove back to retrieve the carcass.  I mean, coffee table.

Pretty gnarly, huh?

It would be many moons before I would undertake the process of transformation.

And I would be dishonest if I did not explain that I restored this fine piece of furniture by leaving it in my father’s wood shop and then asking him for “just a little help.”

Paint stripper only got me so far.  This bad boy need the clamp.

And the help of a toddler.

Then it was time for the spray primer.

And a few days later, the black paint.  Yes, I just typed that.

I think I was envisioning something Queen Anne-meets-Modern to try and jazz up our living room.  I may have ended up with Parisian Circus at Christmastime (if that is even a decorating genre, which I’m sure it’s not).

I’m not sure how I feel, but I blame the knob choice on a certain 17 month old who screamed and cried during the entire.time.we.were.in.hobby.lobby.  I think it had something to do with the fact that he was strapped in a cart and wasn’t allowed to handle breakable objects.  But what do I know?

So, bottom line is this: I’m pleased, but unsure if it works.  I mean, it works…it holds things in the middle of a room.  Including toddlers.  And small cars in the compartments.  But does it work aesthetically?  And when am I going to figure out what kind of rug I want?

Happy Blue

April 2, 2012

See this?

Quite possibly the world’s ugliest door.  Doesn’t that mauve color remind you of the plastic cups & water pitchers in a hospital room?


Commence transformation.

A little teaser:

The big reveal:

It bears mentioning that the paint inspiration came from here:

I’m also proud to say that the ugly brass mail slot was salvaged with a little nickel-colored spray paint.

Thanks, Sarah, for encouraging me to get it done this weekend!


A Montage Wall

March 16, 2012

I’ve been hesitant to fills large wall spaces in our house because it seems so…permanent.  Plus, I hate spackling holes.  But, our current living room configuration seems to have some staying power, so we went ahead and began one of those picture walls:

I just did those two tiny paintings yesterday, in an effort to make it a little more mixed-media up there.  I’m fairly pleased with the outcome of my nap time-creativity.

Yep, this stuff will be up there for awhile.  Because there are just too many measuring marks and failed nail holes behind each picture.