The Awakening

July 14, 2013

A stormy evening.  A giant clawing his way out of the earth.  Some pretty neat photographs.

Arm 2Arm 1Boys posing on rockAsher alone

Rock Creek Park

June 12, 2013

We had the annual church picnic this weekend.  Rock Creek Park is always a good time, and this is about the only weekend we make it out there each year.  Seriously, it is an oasis in the city and I always forget about it!

DSC_0058 DSC_0065 DSC_0095 DSC_0101 DSC_0134 DSC_0166DSC_0118I seriously cannot get over the way Asher poses for pictures.  What a goober!

Hi, I’m Four Years Old

May 30, 2013

Forget introducing yourself by name; let’s just start with ages, shall we?  Because that’s what our new four year-old does.

IMG_8202That’s right, the big boy is even bigger.  And older.  And changing, a lot!  In fact, it almost seems like he woke up on his fourth birthday with much more self-control, self-awareness, and, in general, a greater interest in — and grasp of — the world around him.

DSC_0043So what are you up to these days, big son?  Riding your two-wheeler without training wheels, for one.  No big deal.  Listening raptly to “Little House on the Prairie” and peppering your language with phrases like “can I mind the baby?”  Sitting in a car seat that uses a shoulder belt and buckling yourself.  Indulging your voracious sweet tooth whenever you can.  Jumping off couches and doing somersaults.  Sleeping on a top bunk.  Newly obsessed with things of the, ahem, boy variety like guns and battles and getting bad guys.  Learning how to be a little more deliberate and “color inside the lines.”  Digging in the dirt and playing with the hose for hours while you narrate your work.

Speaking of narration, it’s quite possible that you talk for 95% of your waking hours.  You have a high need for interaction and feedback.  I know all young children ask a lot of questions, and you are no exception.  As soon as you learn something new, you eagerly regurgitate the information to every other person in sight.  You’re quick to talk to strangers, invite neighbors over for dinner, lecture your little brother, and jump into any conversation among adults that you overhear.  We have to spell A-L-O-T of things out, and you are always chiming in with your own ideas on how everything should be done.

You are pretty fixated on the literal cross of Christ, which I find very interesting.  Just yesterday, you drew crosses (not x’s) all over the sidewalk, porch, and sides of the house.  When your sister was sprawled on my bed, you observed that she was stretching out her arms and not her legs, perhaps in an attempt to not look like Jesus dying on the cross.  You always want to understand just a little more about why the Roman soldiers killed Jesus.  If you have a towel, you drape it around your waist and point out that it is like the clothes Jesus wore on the cross.  You ruminate that the soldiers could have placed nails between Christ’s toes rather than through his feet.  I could go on, but the point is, you are really motivating me to find ways to talk about this crucial part of our faith.  We want you to know Christ and be completely overwhelmed by the amazing act of Him dying for us — and rising again.

You’ll be home schooled this upcoming year, and I’m excited to build foundations with you even as I am terrified by my lack of discipline and teaching abilities.  Thankfully, you’re a natural learner and we’ll be joining a community of other families.  I’m glad you’ll be with your brother and sister every day, hopefully continuing to cement a lifelong friendship with them.  Speaking of your sister, it is absolutely adorable how you coo at her in a goofy voice and say things like “it’s OK, sweet girl” and ask to hold her all the time.  The novelty of a new baby has not worn off in almost three months, and you’re a big help.

I know there’s more to your complex personality and idiosyncrasies, but I’ll stop there.  Happy Birthday to our first baby!  We love you.


Sugar is in the Air

February 21, 2013

…because that’s what a preschooler’s Valentine’s party is really all about, right?

Even the big kids participated:

There were valentines to display:

And friends to make eyes at:

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

A Snow, At Last

February 1, 2013

We finally had something worth playing in last weekend.

People didn’t last long.  It IS pretty cold without mittens, huh?

Temperatures then proceeded to skyrocket into the 60s mid-week, so we enjoyed a mud pit of a yard and many baths.  Ah, a Mid-Atlantic winter!